Spirit Of The Okami - Jennifer's Education
As a dog trainer it is always important to keep your education on-going as science changes over the years.  While I have taken even more classes and seminars I have picked the ones that connects more to learning and education for humans as well as dogs for you to see.  I will keep updating as I take more classes/seminars throughout the years.

   "Learning never ends for the student nor for the teacher." 


Animal Behavior College
NHTI: Major Education
Seacoast Career School Massage 
 Chuck Duff's Thai Yoga Massage 


Introduction to Psychology
Studies of Canines
General Biology I
Introduction to Sociology
Teaching & Learning
General Biology II

Abnormal Psychology
Learning Theory
A&P 1
Educational Psychology
A&P 2
Introduction to Philosophy
Contemporary Ethical Issues
 Thai Herbal Compress

Learn How to Teach Kids to be Safe Around Dogs

Be A Tree Program
-Pit Falls of Negative Reinforcement

-Boom! puppies and Noise

-Dog Park Etiquette & Safety. Learn About Dog-Dog Play

-Empowerment Training

-Integrating services with Veterinarians

-A Recipe for Behavior Modification Success: Behavior change for dangerous problems using antecedent control

  Dr. Jean Dodds on Pet Nutrition