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(Nyssa with her AKC STAR PUPPY)

It is a wonderful thing when you and your furry family member is awarded for all the hard work. The AKC Canine good citizen award allows you to show off all the education you have put into yourself and your dog. It also tells the world around you that your dog is a wonderful member of the community. A dog who is able to finish all ten parts of the test is one that is: willing to learn, well behaved and welcoming to other humans, as well as other canines. Spirit of the Okami is able to offer you testing, or if you like a focused class based around the CGC so you are able to take the test with ease.


1: Accepting a friendly stranger- This test demonstrates that the dog will allow a friendly stranger to approach it and speak to the owner in a friendly manner.

2:Sitting politely for petting- Many people love petting dogs they see on the street. They love it even better when the dog is able to sit relax without jumping. This test shows the evaluator that your pup is able to stand,sit and relax with another person touching his or her head/body.

3:Appearance and grooming- Bring your own dog brush! During this test we are going to see how well your dog does during a brushing, and also see how well you have been keeping your dog clean. A clean dog is a happy dog!

4:Out for a walk (Loose leash walking)- This test shows us that you are in control of your dog. He/she can be on any side of you. Your dog also doesn't need to be in a heel however, must not be pulling on the leash through the whole walk. Work, on your right turns,left turns and about turns as this will be part of the test.

5: Walking through a crowd- All dogs should get out into the community and the best way to do that is to go on walks! Dogs who sit at home all day are likely not to be in best of health physically and mentally This test allows us to see how well your dog does in a crowd of people or other dogs. Best way to get this test down is to get social! Go out with your dog everywhere, and work your way up to bigger dog welcoming crowds.

6: Sit and down on command and staying in one place- The basic commands is something that all dogs should know. Sitting, laying down and staying could easily save a dog's life. You'll be ask to have your dog sit, and then lay down. After a long lead will be added to your dog, and you will be asked to have him/her stay/wait. You will then have to walk away from your dog, and when told turn around and walk back to your dog. Your dog can sit,lay down or stand up as long as he or she stays in the spot you left them. Your dog can move again once you are told to give the ok command.

7:Coming when called- Another important command that every dog should have down. Once again your dog will be on a long lead and you must get your dog to come to you.

8: Reaction to another dog- For safety reasons it is good to work with your dog so he or she is alright around other dogs.

9:Reaction to distractions- This test is to show us that your dog is confident at all times when faced with common distracting situations. This could range from dropping a pan or wearing a long coat. So once again get out be social with your dog, and prove to them that the world is not a scary place.

10: Supervised separation: There maybe a time when you may have to leave your dog in someone else's care in an emergency. This test has you leave your dog with the evaluator, while you are hidden away for three minutes. The dog must not fight with the evaluator during that time, and not cry or panic. It is alright if the dog barks once or twice. However, if we believe the dog is under a great deal of stress the test will end.


Is there a different test for puppies?

A: Please go here for more information:       

Is it only purebreds, does your dog need to be a puppy?

A: No the all American dog breeds (Mixes) are welcome to join in! Any dog of any age can take the test as long as he or she is old enough to have their shots.

What happens if I fail one part of the test?

A: You must pass all ten parts of the test to gain the award. If your dog fails on part of the test the evaluator may allow you to re-do that part of the test if there is time. If there isn't then it is a good report card of what you and your dog need to work on. We hope you look for help on the issues you are having and try again once you have the education down solid.

Does this mean I can take my dogs into stores as a therapy dog?

A: NO! While some therapy dog trainers use this test to see if their dog has the right stuff, the AKC test doesn't make your dog a therapy dog. This mean you can not state your dog is a service dog and go into place that do not welcome dogs. This has been a increasing issue and it is now causing problems for owner's who have working service dogs that they need in their daily lives.

I train with choke/prong/shock, can I use these during the test:

A: No, the AKC doesn't allow training aids during these test. As well as I do not allow these collars in class, due to health issues and behavioral issues they cause.

Any more questions feel free to e-mail:

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