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Dog Walking

Dog Walking

2020- Dog walking until spring 2020 will only be offered on Fridays only.

Why use Spirit of the Okami?

-Being a member of Pet Professional Guild you know you are getting a dog trainer/ walker who understands the most up to date information on dog behavior and someone who would never use pain, fear, or force to walk your dog. Unlike other Dog walkers, we do not resort to the "Use of touch" to tell your dog how to walk. Force-free means just that, we get your dog to walk nicely without using any form of force.

-Spirit of the Okami is one of the few dog walkers who does one on one walking. Meaning that when it comes to your dog(s)' walk it is only your dog(s) no one else's. This allows for better care and attention to your furry family member. It also means the chance of a dog fight happening is far less than a dog walker who walks multiple dogs from different homes together.


Prices are based on the distance you are from Spirit of the Okami's location.

Call or email for pricing as it changes due to mileage

How long are the walks?

-Spirit of the Okami will do dog walks up to 30 minutes. Please take note, depending on whether Spirit of the Okami may shorten the walk for the safety of your dogs. This is to help avoid health issues such as Heatstroke, paw burns, or frostbite.

Do I as the owner need to offer poop bags?

-Yes, please understand that poop bags must be available for walks as it is the law to pick up after your dog.

What kind of Collar do you require?

-The minimum is a buckle collar, tags showing up to date rabies is required for each dog I walk. Other ways of attaching the leash: body harness, freedom harness, no-pull harness.

NOTE: It is Spirit of the Okami's ethical standpoint that collars such as Prong, choke, shock, or spray is inhumane and owners who wish to use these collars I can not take as clients. If you are an owner who owns one of these collars and wishes for help to get off of these collars that are known to cause health and behavioral issues Spirit of the Okami is willing to work with you and your dog. Spirit of the Okami is also part of the Pet Professional Guild who also stands by this point of view of these collars.

I can not afford to have my dog walk every day what can I do?

-Spirit of the Okami offers doing every other day walks. By just doing this, it can help reduce behavioral issues and boredom of your furry family member. It still also offers a great chance to keep your dog in great shape.

I am not looking for a dog walk around the park but someone to play with my dog in the back yard can you do that?

-Yes! Spirit of the Okami does do playtime in backyards, in the home. Some dogs have a hard time out in public and we understand this. It doesn't mean your dog should have to be left out of the fun!

Spirit of the Okami does not offer a refund on services given or tips given. All cancellations must be done with a 24-hour notice to receive a refund on services not given. 

E-mail today to find out more info

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