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 9/15/2013 Jennifer Williams will be at the Concord NH SPCA walk for the animals. I hope to see you there!

Please also know that through Concord Merrimack County SPCA, if you end up adopting a dog from there you will end up getting a free ticket for ONE free in home lesson. This can help the ease from the SPCA into your loving home. This is my way of thanking YOU for caring enough to adopt a little one!


Thank you all for coming to the SPCA walk for the Animals, it was a blast!

Maybe you are looking to add or even get your first dog by adopting?? In the Concord area or willing to drive- Feel free to go to the Concord SPCA website to see some of the many wonderful dogs that are there! Click below to find your new family member!

Concord New Hampshire SPCA

If any other SPCAs or animal shelters would like to join Spirit of the Okami free tickets please feel free to e-mail me!

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