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Spirit of the Okami In Home Pet sitting: 

No need to send your pet away to a stressful kennel, that sometimes uses corrective collars to keep them quite. It's hard enough being in a new place without your family let alone adding extra stress of the noisy kennel. Spirit of the Okami takes away some of your pet's stress by allowing them to stay at home. On top of that Jennifer will stay with your pet over night. Jennifer will do play time, walks, feeding, watering, vacuum the rugs, poop clean up, as well as get your mail while you are gone. The only thing your pet will be wanting is for you to return home to see their happy tails!

Jennifer has been doing dog sitting (and yes kitty sitting) for nine years, she enjoys spending the time with her clients dogs.

Price For over Night:

call or e-mail for pricing in your area

I am coming back home before midnight why is it another charge?

- Please understand that Spirit of the Okami does not book anyone else on the day of you leaving or the day of you return. This is a safety net for you and your dog as well as Spirit of the Okami. The charge covers travel time and over night time as well as the other items stated above that is done while you are away.

Stop ins for Concord NH:

Spirit of the Okami now offers stop-ins throughout the day for your furry family member.


-Spirit of the Okami is part of the Pet Professional Guild it is their Ethical Stand point as well as Spirit of the Okami's that collars such as Shock(e-collars), Invisible fence, Prong, Choke and spray is inhumane. It has been found that these collars can cause massive health, and behavioral issues. If owners are using these form of collars I am unable to take them on as clients. However, I am willing to work with clients and dogs to help them to switch over to update to collars/harness and training methods. Ask about the "Trade in and Trade up program".

 Spirit of the Okami does not offer refund on services given or tips given. All cancellations must be done with a 24 hour notice to receive a refund on services not given.

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