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"All I can say is thank you for showing me that there is no need to push around my dog to get what I want. Before I think my relationship with my dog was toxic and going down a bad path. I want to thank you so much for showing me what it is like to have a wonderful time with my Andy and that he can learn how to behave without harsh punishment. Any other dogs I get I will be getting in touch with you!"

John- NH

“I wasn't sure about the whole dog trainner thing at first. I grew up believing that your dog should do as you say with out any praise. Boy I was wrong. Cali has opened up and has improved her manners far from anything that I could ever get her to do in the pass. I want to thank you!"

Liz- VT

"You showed up in middle of a rain storm/snow storm, mainly because you knew I was worried about what was going to happen to my dog and myself. Even though I would be understanding if you did cancle. You showed where your heart was. My dog was becoming more and more out of contorl, and even at times aggressive to my other dogs. I wasn't sure if I was going to have to give him up, or allow my other dogs be worried for the rest of their life. I will admit, I did try all of the shock, prong collars. And started to think I just had a bad egg of a dog as he started to get worst. Thank you for having me throw out those devices and showing me what it is like to be in my dogs shoes. I wanted to let you know that with all of the work you did with us, and showed us different and new ideas he is becoming a more well rounded dog, and the tension in the house is all but a distant memory. God bless you!

Tommy- VT

"Thank you for taking care of us while our parents were away on vaction. We had a blast playing ball & laser chase even with the kitty playing with us it was fun! You left the house nice and clean when you left. You were also willing to stay up till 12am so our life was just like it was with our parents! Not to mention all the outside time we got was the best! I will ask our parents to have you watch us again when they go for another trip!"

~Lilly NH~                                  

Thank you for watching my sister and I while our owner's were away on vaction. I always look foward to spending time with you and even Aya and Nyssa when they come along. Emma loves playing with Nyssa! We will see you again soon!

~Teddy&Emma plus Tigger the kitty


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